Beizhan Liu's New Book "Unified Economics" Chinese Edition Published [2019-12-26]

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Unified Economics - A New Theory System for Regional Economic Analysis

TORONTO - s4story -- Beizhan Liu is the Owner of Amy Institute (think tank) and Dragon Eye System Company ("DESC"). His new book <<Unified Economics>> Chinese Edition is published. This book consists of three sections: the first section is the theory system of Unified Economics with 30 theories that he proposed as a pioneer. The second section includes his elaboration on the election finance system. The third section includes his elaborations on other economic issues, such as: currency finance economy, real estate economy, and so on.

This book is a better reading to open up thoughts for those who are interested in economic research, economic management, finance management, currency finance economic management, real estate economic management, and so on. It also has more significance for those who want to engage in or who are engaged in the work of economic research, government, economic management, currency finance economic management and real estate economic management.

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<<Unified Economics>> is available through Amazon Bookstore (, Google Play (, Lulu Bookstore ( and many other bookstores.

About Beizhan Liu

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Beizhan Liu is a Chinese Canadian who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, visionary and economist. He invented VRP (Video Reality Processing) technology. He created Query Interview (QI) Communication Platform – which is the third way to communicate on the internet with message besides email (including SMS) and chat. He has a background in science research and software engineering. He loves photography and music. He has broad interests in economics, management, international issue, politics, foreign relation, legislation, government, education, religion, culture, etc.

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