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Black Love Is Liberation Exhibition Set For October 6th At The Gathering Spot LA

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LOS ANGELES - s4story -- Recognizing the historical significance of celebrating Black love, Color Creative Consulting Agency and Culture Makers I.N.C in partnership with SoLa Contemporary are proud to present the transformative Black Love is Liberation Exhibition, a sincere homage to love within the Black community.

On October 6th, 2023, at The Gathering Spot Los Angeles, the live micro exhibit will serve as both a reflection on history and a catalyst for unity, healing, and joy. The exhibit's focus will revolve around four guiding principles: self-love, love within the Black family, communal love, and reverence for Black individuals.

The Black Love Is Liberation Exhibition, thoughtfully curated by Akiya McKnight and hosted by The Black Excellence Society, will breathe life into the history of Black love as a vibrant living art installation.

The focus will be on historical information about Black Love throughout History, Commissioned Art, as well as old & new age video footage of prominent figures discussing love in all of its revolutionary guises.

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Featured Artists include; Shakir Manners, Denise Coke, and Brittney S. Price

The purpose of this micro event serves as a platform to engage sponsors, donors, and investors, allowing them to witness the progress made with their support and fostering networking opportunities. The event also encourages feedback, helping organizers refine the grand exhibit, and its exclusivity generates anticipation and commitment among attendees for the main event.

Be apart of the Black Love celebration! Join us for an exclusive photo exhibit preview and original artwork.

Register for the event here (https://partiful.com/e/V03WdE1nUWFAC6FyhJlb)

About Culture Makers I.N.C.

Culture Makers I.N.C. is a visionary organization dedicated to celebrating and elevating cultural contributions through dynamic events and initiatives. With a commitment to empowering communities and fostering unity, Culture Makers I.N.C. strives to create impactful experiences that resonate and inspire across generations. For more information, please visit https://msha.ke/culturemakersinc

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About Color Creative Consulting Agency

Color Creative Consulting Agency is a pioneering force in the realm of strategic advisory services. With a relentless dedication to excellence, innovation, and impact, we empower businesses across diverse industries to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities for growth. We offer strategic planning and executive coaching services. For more information, please visit https://colorcreativeconsulting.com

About SoLa Contemporary

SoLa Contemporary (https://www.solacontemporary.org/) is a nomadic BIPOC, women-led arts nonprofit that serves as a cornerstone for cultural and artistic innovation. Our goal is to advocate for change by empowering people from diverse backgrounds to take risks in their creative endeavors and to explore the intersection of art, wellness, identity and social change. Above all, SoLA Contemporary is a safe and receptive community for anyone seeking to experience the power of contemporary art.

Source: Color Creative Consulting Agency

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