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Celebrating Black History: Course Now Available

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RALEIGH, N.C. - s4story -- Raleigh, North Carolina  USA  2/9/2024

Inspiring diversity in STEM remains an imperative.

STEM For Kids® is pleased to announce the newest addition to our industry-leading curriculum portfolio… STEM Icons: Celebrating Black History for kids.

As educators celebrate Black History during Black History Month and beyond, check out the plethora of hands-on activities in this course that students can experience…

Showcasing real-life examples of people in STEM, careers, and applications of STEM to children is important for inspiring diversity in these fields. Various studies and research show that such real connections help break stereotypes, increase confidence and aspirations, and inspire curiosity and innovation.
  • By seeing themselves reflected in successful scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, children from underrepresented groups can break down limiting stereotypes and envision themselves as future STEM leaders. Studies by the American Association of University Women show that when girls see female scientists, they are more likely to express interest in and pursue STEM careers.
  • Exposure to diverse STEM role models fosters a sense of belonging and boosts confidence in pursuing STEM-related goals. Research by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine highlights that students who identify with successful STEM professionals are more likely to set ambitious academic goals and persist in challenging courses.
  • Engaging with stories and accomplishments of STEM achievers sparks curiosity and a love for exploration in children. This intrinsic motivation is crucial for fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, key attributes for a successful STEM career. A study by the University of Cambridge found that early exposure to diverse scientists can positively impact children's science literacy and critical thinking skills.

STEM Icons: Celebrating Black History course is now available for educators around the world to offer in settings such as summer camps, after school enrichment, in school STEM classes, child care centers, weekend workshops, nonprofit enrichment programs, homeschooling, and more.

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You can find more information on the course and get the engaging hands-on activities here: https://www.stemicons.com/book-cbh .

STEM For Kids® enables purpose-driven educators and entrepreneurs to bring life- and career-readiness skills to preK-8 children in their communities.

With over 1500 hours of STEM activities in various themes covering engineering (aerospace, civil, mechanical, environmental, bio-medicine), technology (coding, robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things), business and social emotional learning, educators, parents and students have a lot to get excited about.

STEM For Kids® ranked #173 on the highly coveted Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 list. With a growing network of STEM For Kids® operators, educators, trained teachers, and franchisees, we have impacted numerous communities across the globe. Add your community now, https://teach4d.stemforkids.net/edu-services

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