Djamee Raphael Shines As A Guest On Parlons De Livres For His New Book Love Beyond Distance

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Djamee Raphael is the 85th and the first English-speaking guest Author on The Parlons De Livres with host Judith Eya

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - s4story -- Djamee Raphael, the talented author of the captivating Long (LDR) Distance Relationship "Love Beyond Distance," took the spotlight as the featured guest on the popular YouTube channel "Parlons De Livres." Hosted by Judith Eya, the show brings together book enthusiasts and authors from diverse backgrounds, offering engaging discussions about literature, writing, and the magic of storytelling. Raphael's appearance marked the 85th episode of the show and was a remarkable milestone for both the author and the channel.

"Love Beyond Distance," available in both English and French, has received critical acclaim and garnered a dedicated readership. The book is accessible in various formats, including Kindle versions and paperback editions on Amazon. Moreover, it has expanded its reach beyond linguistic borders, with a Thai translation available through leading platforms such as Scribd, Thalia, and Smashwords.

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During the interview, Judith Eya delved deep into Djamee Raphael's literary journey, addressing thought-provoking questions about the inspiration behind "Love Beyond Distance." The author shared insightful anecdotes about his writing process, research methods, and the path that led him to become an author. Raphael's responses captivated the audience, shedding light on his creative approach and the powerful themes explored within his book.

"Parlons De Livres" has been a beacon for bibliophiles seeking engaging and diverse content. By inviting authors like Djamee Raphael to the show, host Judith Eya continues to provide a platform for artists to share their stories, perspectives, and creative processes with a wide audience. This collaboration between Djamee Raphael and Judith Eya promises to inspire and ignite the passion for literature in viewers around the world.

Djamee Raphael's appearance on "Parlons De Livres" is a testament to his rising influence in the literary landscape. As an author, he has demonstrated a profound ability to connect with readers across borders, languages, and cultures. "Love Beyond Distance" not only offers an enthralling narrative but also invites readers to explore the universal themes of love, connection, and personal growth

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About Djamee Raphael: Djamee Raphael is a talented author celebrated for his captivating book "Love Beyond Distance." With his versatile writing style and dedication to his craft, Djamee Raphael continues to inspire readers worldwide.

About "Parlons De Livres": "Parlons De Livres" is a renowned YouTube channel dedicated to promoting literature and fostering conversations between authors and book enthusiasts. Hosted by Judith Eya. Watch the full interview here:


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