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Explosive New Book Debunks America's Crime Scare

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LOS ANGELES - s4story -- "School massacres, tens of millions of guns in American homes, and no real political will to fully clamp down on gun violence are the most terrifying of America's crime scare," says political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson in his new book The American Crime Scare. President Joe Biden has been under fire to do something about crime and gun violence. He has virtually commanded police departments to do more to curb it. Biden has good reason to worry about crime fears. Hutchinson tells why and much more about America's crime mania in his new work The American Crime Scare. (Middle Passage Press) released July 4, 2022.

Hutchinson looks hard at the fact and fiction about crime in America. He assesses how and why crime has and continues to be a perennial political hot potato within and without American campaign politics.

He details how crime has been intimately and dangerously tied tightly with racial stereotypes and the devastating impact this had had on the criminal justice system. He assesses the battle over gun control, presents a profile of mass shooters, and examines the network's endless obsession with violent crime.

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Hutchinson notes that surveys in mid-2022 showed that crime fears had become the overarching concern of many Americans. A lot of them would be heading to the polls in November and if the soft on crime tag the GOP hung on Biden and the Democrats stuck it could cost the party many seats in the House and Senate. That certainly meant Democrats would lose control of the House or Senate or both.

Hutchinson observers, "It was going to be a tough slog for Biden to grab the tough on crime issue away from the GOP. The party had a near-lock on the issue going back a half-century to Nixon's fan of the fear of crime, mostly Black crime, in the 1968 presidential race. He slammed his opponent Democrat Hubert Humphrey and the Democrats hard on it. He painted a lurid picture of Democrats opening America's jail cells and letting criminals roam free on the streets. "

In the 2022 midterms and certainly in the 2024 presidential election Biden and the Democrats would be forced again to confront this flashpoint issue.

The American Crime Scare provides a fresh, and frightening, perspective on American crime fears.


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