Faces of Rap Mothers and Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell

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Faces of Rap Mothers, the groundbreaking platform created by author Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, continues to make waves in the rap and hip-hop industry.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - s4story -- With a focus on introducing the NexGen of rap and hip-hop, this visionary project celebrates the women who have significantly impacted this slice of Americana within the music world.

Introducing the Stars
HONEY Candy's Daughter: An actress and member of the music group "X," HONEY Candy's daughter brings her unique talent and charisma to the forefront. As a rising star, she embodies the spirit of rap and hip-hop, captivating audiences with her performances.
She is also, Miss Palmdale California - a true icon, Miss Palmdale represents the fusion of talent, beauty, and resilience. Her presence in the rap scene is a testament to the power of women in music. HONEY is also filming in a series in Hollywood and in numerous commercials . . .

Faces of Rap Mothers Presents . . . X - Promo Reel 3 (youtube.com) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwO7eLeqBZ0)

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Dominique Pe'lerin (DomtheMatrix) is a fresh face in the Faces of Rap Mothers world and is making waves as a "new" Rap Mother. Her artistry and passion contribute to the dynamic landscape of rap and hip-hop experience among Faces of Rap Mothers.  DomtheMatrix will be joining the Faces of Rap Mothers Music Group in upcoming works - she is a Berklee College of Music trained vocal performer, model, and actress.

Holmes Ives | In One Day ft. Dom Pelegrin (Official Music Video) (youtube.com) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp_HVi63z7Y)

Faces of Rap Mothers Books
Latest Title: "Faces of Rap Mothers Universal and Peacock Movie Stars"
Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell's latest book, "Faces of Rap Mothers Universal and Peacock Movie Stars", published by DonnaInk Publications Beat Deep Books Imprint, delves into the lives of rap mothers who have become universal icons. With captivating narratives and stunning visuals, this book is a must-read for fans of the genre.

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Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network
Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell's vision extends beyond books. She acquired a television network on Roku, establishing the Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network. This burgeoning channel provider features programming from rap and hip-hop artists, building solid audiences and increasing owner participation.

Faces of Rap Mothers Music Group
In addition, the Faces of Rap Mothers Music Group allows member artists to share rights to their music, which hits airwaves across America. These remakes and soon-to-be "new" creations are resonating with listeners, proving that rap and hip-hop continue to evolve.

For more information, visit the official Faces of Rap Mothers website: Faces of Rap Mothers at https://www.facesofrapmothers.com

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