Fall of the Wolf, a new release by R. L. "Red" Heron

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Real Criminals don't speed. One of many rules of crime that Harlen Wolf lives by in R. L. "Red" Heron's new novel the Fall of the Wolf

SALT LAKE CITY - s4story -- As the boss of a small (but organized) criminal team, Harlan Wolf has always looked for ways to draw the least attention to his crimes. With a shadowy past in military intelligence, and two decades of history, he's become a force to be reckoned with, though a temperate one relative to the criminal underworld.

When he's set to do a job, he does it. The problem is, his best friend is the third-best con artist in the city of Los Angeles, his protégé is a kid whose unique look makes him not blend well into a crowd, and—lest we forget!—he works with an undercover Fed.

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And his nemesis is a psychopathic Russian mobster with a vested interest in Wolf's downfall.

But this autumn, he's been hired to ruin a man. While working on that mark's financial ruin, he plans to kidnap the man's wife and hold her for ransom. Except the street thugs he hired to do the job screwed it up, kidnapping his daughter instead. And now working on retrieving her, he learns one of them beat and raped her.

So, he ... shoots the guy in the face.

Now crime bosses are coming out of the woodwork to collect on debts owed by the rapist, so he must move forward with his next crime.

Simple, right?


Christopher Chyeeney

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