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Finally! A Way To Free Women In Australia!

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In News about to launch, the Areti Goddess Events are combining entertainment with accelerated learning and breakthrough results, empowering women. With half the middle aged population finding themselves with $8000 or less in Superannuation, 1 in 4 women abused in intimate relationships, 1 weekly death by a partner, over half of them obese with health issues and still paid on average around 16% less than men, the events will begin here before they can address the rest of the world.

SURRY HILLS, Australia - Jan. 30, 2018 - s4story -- The Areti Goddess Events are about to launch at The Ethics Centre, heritage listed Legion House, March 4 this year! Tula Tzoras has devised a program after gathering the best tools in personal and spiritual growth over a lifetime of research and experience. Acting as an avenue, she has enlisted top experts in every field a lack of self worth impacts, a great opportunity for Partnership and affiliate marketing and combined that with great entertainers to reconnect women to fun.

For the first time entertainment, the best tools and best experts come together to provide breakthrough results for our sisters.

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The Areti Goddess Events focus on healing our Number 1 Issue, Self Worth on a journey of 9 Events to Completion, each Event on an aspect a lack of Self Worth impacts. Self Worth and Image, Relationships, Body, Mind, Spirit, Accessing Purpose, Business Tools to Make it Happen, Successful Job Application, Wealth Creation, Public Speaking and Presentation, Pitching a business idea to camera and Publicity Photos, everything a Girl Needs. Not to mention FUN!  How often do we forget to have fun, bogged down by obligation and responsibility?

That is what makes these events unique, bringing these aspects together.

So many of us, Tula says, are conditioned to drama and the way we know things to be, it is difficult to imagine a life of ease and its not our fault. Ever notice how we love to complain and fail to see solutions when they are offered? It is said that most of us, 85% in fact, wake up feeling there is something wrong. Where do we go from there? Anxiety attacks, panic, neuroses, immobilisation, disease, addiction?

Negative talk, negative actions, our parents, teachers, care givers, friends, peers, it usually happens in the formative years and it is those feelings that stay with us and run our lives until we stop them.

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What happens later is, we choose experiences that reaffirm that truth. Of course we are constantly experiencing the Law of Opposites in every situation, for example good and bad, hot or cold and so on. What our conditioning focuses on however is the negative aspect. Therefore in life, we choose teachers who give us negative feedback, hang with other troubled kids, and re-create those childhood experiences over and over in every area of life, without even realizing it, destructive behaviour like addiction.

Verna Amell PhD Psychologist describes how the brain works. The Limbic region, amygdala, is responsible for repeating patterns learnt early on. That is why the Areti Goddess Events are so important. It takes a combination of tools including NLP for example to effect real change and free women, providing collaborative, thriving economies.


Launch: https://www.facebook.com/events/1738501119789700/

Tula Tzoras

Source: Areti Goddess Events business owned by Tula Tzoras
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