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Food Gardening Network Tops 300,000 Email Subscriber Names!

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Food Gardening Network—a two-year-old site serving home food gardeners—tops 300,000 active email names, largely built with an aggressive Email Exchange program.

HINGHAM, Mass. - s4story -- "The days of renting or buying email lists are over. Email exchanges with aligned partners is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to grow your audience."

In less than two years since its launch in January 2021, Food Gardening Network now reaches more than 300,000 unique active subscribers with daily email newsletters. While compelling content is key to the success, quick scalability has come from robust audience development efforts built upon a successful Email Exchange program.

"Our team has built relationships with hundreds of publishers for more than two decades," says Mequoda founder and Food Gardening Network Executive Publisher Don Nicholas, "and now, we're working with those same publishing professionals to build our audience and theirs."

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Mequoda's Email Exchange program—which includes Food Gardening Network and Mequoda Publishing Network's four other brands—is the essence of simplicity, where publishers with similar audiences agree to reciprocal marketing efforts. "We send an email extra newsletter promoting our partner's offer, and they send a reciprocal effort promoting our freebies to their list—and that drives our audience development program," says Christy Page, Mequoda's Sponsorship and Operations Director.

And the benefits of Mequoda's Email Exchange program are compelling:
Email exchanges are quick email list-builders.
Email exchanges are inexpensive.
Email exchanges are low risk—a great way to reach like-minded demographic audience segments.
Email exchanges are easy to execute.
Email exchanges are powerful "endorsements"—with aligned partners sending offers to their email lists, the implied endorsement helps boost response.

Successful Email Exchange partners for Mequoda's brands include the obvious gardening, cooking, and crafting lists with similar demographics and do-it-yourself lifestyles, see more at http://mequoda.com/email-exchange/. Mequoda has likewise been successful with a wide variety of travel, health, and spirituality brands that also have similar demographics.

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Mequoda has now become an industry leader in promoting and executing Email Exchanges with like-minded partners.

"Building a new media brand like Food Gardening Network from scratch is a heavy lift," says Nicholas. "We are following all of our best practices around search engine optimization, social media optimization, and paid media campaigns. At the end of the day, our Email Exchange program, seen at http://mequoda.com/email-exchange/, is far and away our biggest source of new audience members."

Christy Page

Source: Mequoda Publishing
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