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Forgotten Babylon: Collector's Edition released by Mia Vasquez

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SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. - s4story -- Mia Vasquez's new book: Forgotten Babylon: Collector's Edition has released. The book is published through KMP Entertainment.

An overview on the Barnes and Noble states:

"Influenced by Babylonian and Samarian myths and legends, this tale is a captivating story that resonates with the humanity in us all. The gods live in paradise in the garden of Eden where Anu Is the king of the gods and Urus is the queen. Anu's daughter, the goddess Ninsun, has returned to Eden with her infant son Gilmos, who was fathered by a human being, King Lugalbanda. Anu forbids the child entrance Into Eden because no child with human blood may enter Eden, even though Gilmos is a demigod. Anu offers to speak with Enlil, the god of chaos, about Gilmos marrying Enlil's daughter Inu so that his "god blood" can be restored since two demigods can make a full-blood god. The price to be paid for this to happen Is that Ninsun must give up her Immortality. She agrees to do so. On the seventh birthday of Gilmos, his father, King Lugalbanda dies in a battle. Three years later, his mother, Ninsun, also dies. Arwen, the youngest of the fay (fairies) and a treasured gift Anu gave to Urus, would be sent by Anu and Urus to care for Gilmos on her twentieth birthday."

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"Gilmos hears the stories of life In Eden and prays to Anu, but he grows to hate the gods. He knew from his mother that he was to have become a god, but he does not want this. On his eighteenth birthday, when Gilmos Is crowned king of Babylon, Anu and Enlil with Enlil's daughter Inu, the enchantress, come to him to keep the promise that Gilmos would become a god by marrying Inu. Gilmos spurns Inu, who becomes Indignant and seeks revenge on Gilmos. Seven years later, after Inu has bargained with Nergal, the god of the underworld, Nergal, and Anu's brother, Marduk, god of warfare, who will help her get revenge on Gilmos. Arwen travels at the age of twenty to be with Gilmos as promised, but also to warn him of Inu's planned attacks in which Inu will send monsters to Babylon."

This riveting tale also includes cover art by the artist herself. Get your copy today, wherever books (https://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Babylon-Collectors-Mia-Vasquez/dp/B0C4NHNVG1) are sold!

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