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Frances Osgood Complete Short Stories Book Published

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The complete stories of Frances Osgood have been anthologized for the first time.

NEW YORK - s4story -- BottleTree Books LLC has published Frances Osgood Complete Short Stories. The anthology was edited by Maeve Barger. Buy today: http://www.BottletreeBooks.com

Frances Sargent Osgood (1811-1850) was a leading feminist author of the American Romantic Age. She married portrait painter, Samuel Osgood (1808-1885), in 1835. The artistic couple had three daughters, all of which died at a young age. Frances S. Osgood authored numerous poems and short stories in the loftiest literary magazines. She entered into a scandal-causing relationship with Edgar Allan Poe, who lauded her works. The book includes a fine introduction by Maeve Barger and a short biography on the life of Osgood. This is the first collection of her complete short stories and is a fine edition for any university classroom. Frances Osgood Short Stories (https://amzn.to/37fNvrS) includes:

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Frances Osgood: Poetry in Prose (Jul. 2019); Romance of Real Life in New England (May 1836); The Crumpled Rose Leaf (Sep. 1836); A Day in New England (Nov. 1836); Florence Howard (Apr. 1839); The Doom (Aug. 1840); Pictures from a Painter's Life (Jan. 1841); The Waltz and the Wager (Apr. 1841); May Evelyn (Mar. 1842); Waste Paper; or "Trifles Light as Air" (Sep. 1842); Truth (Dec. 1842); The Coquette; or the Game of Life (Jan. 1843); Dora's Reward; or the "Ruse de Guerre" (Jun. 1843); Pride and Penitence (Sep. 1843); Grace Melvyn: or Which is the Bluestocking? (Aug. 1843); Lizzie Lincoln (Oct. 1843); Daguerreotype Pictures Taken on New Year's Day (Nov. 1843); The Wife (Dec. 1843); The Lady's Shadow (Jan. 1844); Kate Melburne (Jan. 1844); Newport Tableaux (Jan. 1844); A Match for the Matchmaker (Feb. 1844); The Poet's Metamorphosis (Mar. 1844); Virginia, the Little Match-Girl of Kentucky (Mar. 1844); Feeling Versus Beauty (Jun. 1844); Valentine's Day; or a Lover's Reminiscences (Jul. 1844); The Flower and Gem; or, the Choice of Grace Gordon (Aug. 1844); The Soul Awakened; or Which Shall Win Him (Oct. 1844); The Magic Lute (Nov. 1844); The Little Lost Shoe; or Fielding in Search of a Foot (Dec. 1844); The Soul Mirror (Jan. 1845); Florence Errington (Feb. 1845); Mabel (Feb. 1845); Carry Carlisle (Mar. 1845); Once More (Jul. 1845); Ida Grey (Aug. 1845); Leonora L'Estrange (Oct. 1845); Kate Carol; or Glimpses of a Soul (Mar. 1846); Glimpses of a Soul.-----No. II. (Jun. 1846); Glimpses of a Soul.-----No. III. (Sep. 1846); Athenais (Sep. 1846); Le Porte-Bouquet, or Genius and Ingenuity (Dec. 1846); Glimpses of a Soul (Feb. 1847); Life in New York. A Sketch of a Literary Soiree (Mar. 1847); Kate Carol to Mary S. (May 1847); Kate Carol to Her * (Aug. 1847); and Violet Vere's Vacation (May 1848).

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Buy today: http://www.BottletreeBooks.com

Source: Bottletree Books LLC
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