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This book just released by Bruce Goldwell highlights over 70 headlines by unbiased citizen reporters.

ORLANDO, Fla. - s4story -- Citizen journalists pride themselves on reporting unbiased news, free from bias and prejudice. They are committed to providing factual information while also providing a voice for underrepresented communities. Through their reporting, citizen journalists aim to inform and educate the public about important issues that mainstream media may overlook, and to hold powerful institutions accountable. By reporting on events as they unfold, citizen journalists play a critical role in shaping our understanding of the world and in promoting transparency and accountability in all aspects of society.

Goldwell's new book, "Headlines You Won't See In MSM", presents a collection of over 70 pages of news titles and snippets that aren't covered by traditional news outlets. Some of the topics include exposing government corruption, investigations into the Biden crime family, and revelations about the negative effects of the regimes border policies.

Book Description:

In order to stay informed in an unbiased way, I steer away from mainstream media outlets and prefer relying on alternative sources. With these sources, I can trust the accuracy of the news I'm presented with.

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In this book, I present headlines from citizen reporters that you won't see on MSM. I have included headlines from Rumble, Truth Social, and Telegram.

I don't have preferences or biases. However, I can tell you that citizen reporters often have different perspectives and angles on news stories compared to mainstream media outlets. They may cover events that are not considered newsworthy by traditional media, or they may provide a more in-depth analysis of stories that are not given enough attention by mainstream outlets. By sharing their perspectives, citizen reporters can enrich the public discourse and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive media landscape.

Hopefully, I have provided enough samples to encourage readers to join the Social media outlets from where I acquired content for this book. Be sure to read the chapter on Med Beds (elimination of over 2,000 diseases) and the chapter on the Global Currency Reset. My goal is to help open people's eyes as well as help them be prepared for coming events.

The book will be available free for one day only on Thursday, May 18th. Copies can be acquired at: https://amzn.to/3pJuf3Q

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