How to disable Facebook face recognition on your Android phone?

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Facebook is one of the eminent social media platforms that have received immense support from all over the world. Often, it hits the headlines for its outstanding features or updates which create a huge craze among the people. The main motive behind all the updates or introduction of the new features is to provide its users with excitement and fun. Face recognition or Photo review is one of the latest features, which are made to secure and notify you about the photos you upload as well as photos uploaded by the others.

The feature is excellent for all the visually impaired people, as it notifies them who all are in their pictures. So, through the screen readers, they will get to know easily who all are appearing in the Newsfeed. The feature allows the users to know when their friends are uploading certain pictures without their concern and later, the users can request their friends to remove the tag. It might be helpful but due to some specific reason, you wish to turn off or disable it in your Android phone.

Here, in this short blog, you will get to learn the steps to disable Facebook face recognition on your Android phone.

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Quick steps to disable Facebook face recognition on your Android phone

1.       Try to check whether your device is working properly or not.

2.        Check whether you have a proper data connection on your Android device or not.

3.       Tab on the 'Facebook' application on your device.

4.       Select the 'menu button' option.

5.       Try to scroll down to 'Help & settings' option.

6.       Click on the 'Account settings' option.

7.       Select the 'Face Recognition settings' option.

8.       Click on the 'Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?' option.

9.       Choose the 'No' option from the list.

We hope that the steps mentioned above have assisted you thoroughly in disabling Facebook's face recognition on your Android phone. In case you are unable to do so, or you have other technical glitches for which you need help, then you need to consult the specialists at Facebook Customer Service to get relief from your issues instantly.stats
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