Inhabitants of a Revolutionary War-era Mansion Reveal What Happens After Death

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SAUGERTIES, N.Y. - s4story -- M.T. Maliha is set to release "Waverly Estate: Betwixted" on June 22, 2021, taking a deeper dive into the thin veil between life and death in this installment.

"Betwixted" is a quietly suspenseful ghost thriller, prioritizing character and storytelling over horror and gore. The story centers on the question, "What happens after death?" Maliha combines concepts of spiritualism and the paranormal while her meticulous research lends itself to a historically accurate depiction of 19th century New York State and the Revolutionary War-era mansion that houses ghostly occupants.

Maliha says the final book, "delves further into the history of the Waverly family, and unravels the causes behind the mansion's hauntings." Adding, "It's been the most challenging of all to write, but very rewarding!"

About the Book
Waverly Estate: Betwixted, the third and final of the Waverly Estate Trilogy, takes a heart stopping journey through Waverly Estate's ongoing struggle to clear the mansion and its inhabitants of the evil that has become part of its stone and timber.

When Ethan Every is presented with a lucrative offer via a mysterious person known only as Mr. Cromwell who requests his assistance in ridding the estate of its apparitions, he reluctantly becomes part of its ghastly account. The fiber of the mansion's evil quickly seeks to devour what remains of Ethan's fragile spiritual and mental reserves. Fine lines between life and death grow thinner while under its evil spell. At the height of an untenable juncture, the discovery of a centuries old slave journal and tattered map propel him and what remains of the Waverly family toward answers that prove to be both blessing and curse.

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About the Author
Maureen Maliha is a writer, photographer and musician. She is a recovering family Therapist and Mediator. She spends her time wandering the Catskill Mountain landscape with her dog Micah, when she isn't working on her next photographic project, book, or artistic endeavor.

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