"Joys an Absence of a Mother" by Stanley Bernard Harris III, captivates hearts

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The Novel that will make you take a deeper look at the Love of a Mother.

LAS VEGAS - s4story -- What would you do if your Mother was gone suddenly? That's what happened to 3 innocent children who were forced to move on with life suddenly at a young age. While dealing with the grief, they were introduced to 2 women who gave them the love and encouragement that they needed to persevere. Life lessons are learned and open wounds healed as their Mother's spirit fills the hearts of so many people that she touched and left an impression on. There are many similar stories like this around the world, and this book will make you evaluate your personal relationships in a way you've never thought of before...because we all never think about what it will be like when your beloved Mother passes. Whether you still have the opportunity to create and cherish memories with your mother, or if your mother has already passed, this book will enlighten your journey. Stanley Bernard Harris III, is the author of "Joys an Absence of a Mother" a beautiful and powerful Book, co-written with his wife Mary Ann Santos Harris. "Joys an Absence of a Mother" is about and dedicated to mothers of all walks of life.

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Joys an Absence of a Mother - the Synopsis

This book is about a dedicated mother who loves her children. She had an illness that she was living with and didn't share with her children. She confided in her best friend to watch over her children, in the event and/or if something ever happened to her. This mother believes in elevating everyone that she comes in contact with and making sure that they are living their best life while she is suffering quietly from an illness from within. Margaret always wanted to hear the words I love you from her children, though that never came until she was on her bed of affliction. She vowed to love her children despite not hearing the words, "I Love You" from either of them. "Love who you have in your life Today, because tomorrow it may be too late. I will let people know from all walks of life that we are here today and gone today. Life doesn't wait on anyone at all." states; Stanley Bernard Harris III

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