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LAND WARMED BY A SONG an original Screenplay

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"Art Will Save Humanity". The book about the art of singing, the song, Courage, friendship, love, war, and about life, itself.

MCHENRY, Ill. - May 1, 2019 - s4story -- Temur Chkuaseli is the author of a best-selling, original screenplay published in the country Georgia. Now an English novel, Land Warmed by a Song tells the dramatic story of a father and son and the importance of singing in their lives. The book encompasses an entire epoch in which the powerful influence of a song saves the main characters from imminent death.

Giorgi Ovashvili, a Georgian film director writes about the book, "It is a wonderful, expressly visual and, at the same time, universal story that can serve as the basis for a very interesting, impressive feature film… It is interesting for citizens of any country, for people of any age. It is a human story."

The book details an unusual adventure of a father and son, which unfolds against the backdrop of WWI and WWII, catching the readers' eyes from its very first pages. The story describes the dramatic twists and turns that occur in the characters' lives while they find themselves in war-ridden countries of Georgia and other European countries.

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As the proud publisher of Temur Chkuaseli's, Land Warmed by a Song, Rustaveli Publishing is pleased to announce that 20% of 2019 profits of this book will be donated to the Folklore Ensemble of the Georgian Cultural Center in Chicago. Readers of his books expressed great enthusiasm for the project for supporting Georgian Folklore and the can donate on www.rustavelipublishing.com website to raise money for supporting the Art of Singing for the sake of humanities well-being.


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