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Latino Life Coach's New Book Encourages Transparent, Well Intentioned Discussion To Bring Americans Closer

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How To Get Better At Things By 2020
Jose Franco's book brings attention to the things we don't think we're bad at, helps individuals work through the unconscious resistance

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - s4story -- Life Coach Jose Franco's book "How To Get Better At Things You Don't Think You're Bad At By 2020" is dedicated with love to Donald Trump. Excerpt from book's forward: In order to begin a transparent, well intentioned discussion to bring Americans together, it's necessary to agree the resistance we face is either conscious or unconscious. If well meaning citizens insist they have nothing to hide, understand what is involved and have strong motivation, we can only assume the resistance must be unconscious. The goal of my story is to bring attention to the things we don't think we're bad at and help individuals work through the unconscious resistance. This will involve a great deal of introspection and even then, it's an extremely difficult job. One doesn't usually have proper insight into ones own emotional makeup. Most of us spend our time trying to rationalize our behavior as a result of our lack of self awareness.

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Openness and awareness begins with the ability to self-critique and reflect upon
things central to one's own beliefs, thoughts, actions, behavior, and results. Openness can inform private, personal or group discussions. Ideally, all capable people should look for reasons to start/continue the work of self improvement. Nobody is equal to anybody. Even the same person is not equal to him/herself on different days. The first steps to continuous improvement is to know yourself, practice consciousness and be
in the moment. As Americans, we overwhelmingly prefer the principle of private property — that wealth belongs to those who produce it. The reasons are pragmatic. Before an economy can have a distribution problem, there must be a product to be distributed. No other incentive keeps people continually interested in doing those things that encourage production as sought after wealth, or money, that their labor or property

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has brought into being. The principle of private property is embraced by socialists and capitalists all the same. Private property is also the ethical heart of the labor movement, and argues that every worker owns his or her own labor power and is thus entitled to receive, as a right, all of the wealth his or her labor produces in the marketplace. The private property principle makes it possible to objectively determine economic value and competitive markets. Without competitive markets,....... continue reading http://stoopjuice.com/how-to-get-better-by-2020.pdf

Jose Franco

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