Lenders Club Plans For More Flexible Deals on Short Term Loans for Students

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February 16, 2019, London: Lenders Club, in a recent meeting conducted at the executive level, has decided to start working on the more flexible deals for the short term loans for students living in the UK. Although, the direct lender is itself providing the loans for the last few months but this time it has decided to insert more flexible features into the loan deals.

Now, it has decided to offer loans on lower interest rates and they applications will be accepted for those students, who have an extremely bad credit scores. It is indeed good news for the education aspirants because they must be facing a lot of problems in borrowing funds with such poor credit scores. By doing this, the lender is actually breaking the traditions by becoming lenient in providing the loan offers.

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Who is Eligible?

According to the recent meeting, Lenders Club has decided to not to change anything in the eligibility criteria and thus, this will remain the same. Such as:

·        Students with 18 years of age can apply

· They should have a permanent residence in the UK

· They should have an active bank account

· They should have at least part time employment status

How to Apply

Just like the eligibility criteria, the members of the Board has kept the application procedure same as applicable on other loans. It is as such:

·        -Fill the online application form on Lender's Club Website

·        -Put the true personal and academic details

·        -Submit the form as soon as possible

"No matter what the credit score is, the direct lender has been committed to approve the loan applications on the immediate basis. Being a responsible loan company, we understand the compulsions faced by the students in borrowing funds and so as to managing the expenses. Therefore, we conducted that emergency meeting and decided to offer the student short term loans on the flexible features." According to Stephen Mackey, the senior most loan executive at the company.

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About the Company

In a short span of time, Lenders Club has market its presence among the most reliable online direct lenders in the UK. It is its dedication and commitment towards the profession that many borrowers living in the UK have been able to regain their financial status and removing any kind of money related problems is not difficult for them. With 24/7 customer support, we are ready to help the Britons anywhere and anytime, as we have a large online presence. Lenders Club does not charge anything in the form of upfront fees or processing fees. It accepts loan applications almost on guaranteed basis regardless of credit score or employment.stats
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