LogicGate Launches Automated Evidence Collection Feature for Risk Cloud Platform

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New feature enhances GRC solution with streamlined, accurate, and efficient compliance practices

CHICAGO - s4story -- LogicGate, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions through its Risk Cloud® platform, announced today the release of the Automated Evidence Collection feature designed to elevate productivity, control effectiveness and data-driven decision-making while ensuring compliance and security across more than 20 cybersecurity and privacy frameworks.

"Traditionally, performing ongoing control audits and ensuring compliance has been a labor-intensive and manual process," said Jon Siegler, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of LogicGate. "With the introduction of Automated Evidence Collection, we are transforming how Risk Cloud customers manage evidence for security compliance, saving massive amounts of time and reducing human error."

Completing evidence requests are often seen as a vital, yet tedious and time-consuming process for compliance team members. By automating the evidence collection process, the security compliance team becomes more of a partner to control owners, elevating their reputation within an organization and allowing them to focus on higher impact tasks.

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This new capability systematically and automatically gathers, validates, and manages critical data and evidence central to an organization's risk management and compliance initiatives. By employing automated workflows, it seamlessly assimilates data from diverse sources, from internal systems to external data feeds, reducing the need for manual interventions and mitigating the risk of human inaccuracies.

Key advantages of the Automated Evidence Collection feature within Risk Cloud include:
  • Time and Resource Optimization: Eliminates manual data gathering and verification, automates reporting, saving time and reducing the resources required to compile evidence.
  • Increased Accuracy and Reliability: Ensures consistent and standardized data collection, reducing human error risk and providing more reliable information for compliance audits and risk assessments.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Audit Readiness: Helps organizations maintain continuous compliance and audit readiness with accurate and up-to-date evidence.
  • Near-Real-time Monitoring and Visibility: Automated solutions allow organizations to promptly identify and address compliance gaps and enhance proactive risk management.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Handle large volumes of data and evidence from various sources, making it scalable for organizations of all sizes and complexities.
  • Streamlined Reporting and Documentation: Create comprehensive and standardized reports and documentation for compliance audits and reporting purposes.

Risk Cloud is a no-code risk and compliance platform purpose-built to scale and streamline risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and strategic decision-making.  Risk Cloud ensures proactive risk mitigation and strategic alignment with a user-friendly interface, automated processes, advanced analytics, and real-time insights.

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Source: LogicGate

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