macOS Catalina: how to find the serial number, IMEI, and other information of the iPhone and iPad

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macOS Catalina, iTunes is no longer or better back to its origins and now only needs to manage its music library. Since before iTunes allowed to know some information of iOS devices, such as the iPhone IMEI, many people wonder how to do it now with the new operating system.

With Catalina the iPhone, the other iOS devices and even the iPods are managed directly from the Finder, just like any device with a disk.

Once the iPhone is connected to your Mac, select it from the sidebar of the Finder, then click just below the name of the device, on the line where the model is indicated, the storage capacity and the battery charge, the number of will appear.

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If you continue to click, other information will appear, such as the serial number, the product code, the UDID, the phone number and much more. If you need to provide any of these data to your service provider or Apple support for resolving the all issue of mac, right-click on the line to copy all the information to the Finder clipboard. Apple is giving very good support for all technical issue of devices.stats
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