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a new book Caught in the Middle:Trying To Be a Sane Christian in an Extreme World

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Jack Brice's story
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Book Summary

Caught in the Middle: Trying To Be a Sane Christian in an Extreme World is a book about how politics has influenced what you believe about the Bible. Just as the world is trying to rewrite the Constitution so is what is written in then Bible under assault.

Jack Brice's story

The life he was in for himself left him in a real mess. One day he fell to his knees and surrendered. He shares his raw story of triumph over tragedy, and how it as well as how politics influences your religion. Jack Brice finishes with Grace and Psalms.

He carries the message of HOPE to those that have believed certain beliefs about salvation and trusted others to guide our way.

Jack Brice and distant family mostly reside in Tennessee. He can be found in his home or on a local trail. Jack Brice has worked in various fields for over 30 years but has found his calling in the Bible. Jack Brice shares his raw story of life from good times, tragedy and triumph, along with the real story of the Bible. See how politics influences your salvation.

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chapter 1: My story
chapter 2: The Pendulum
chapter 3: The Defense
chapter 4: Is There A Hell
chapter 5: The Sex Stuff
chapter 6: Down To The River
chapter 7: The Subjects Not Discussed
chapter 8: The Political Chapter
chapter 9: The Sum Of All Things
chapter 10: my Psalms

Sample Interview Questions:

What is Caught in the Middle  about?

Why did you write this book?

What can the readers take away from this book?

What is the cost for people who don't read this book?

Why do we follow what we are told instead of checking things out for ourselves?

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