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New Book Release: The Mom in Me, Stories and Practical Advice from Moms Who have Survived Parenting

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The Mom In Me Kimmoly Laboo The Mom In Me The Mom In Me The Mom In Me
Author & Publisher Kimmoly LaBoo leads the pack in showing the world that there's no such thing as a perfect mom.

BALTIMORE - s4story -- It's been said that being a mom is like watching your heart walk around outside of your body. No matter how protective a mother is, there will always be things that are out of our control. This is why twenty-one valiant moms have collaborated to share how they have pushed through and survived seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These power-packed, heart-tugging perspectives written by these moms from 9 different states, different races, religious backgrounds, and political affiliation, has been holding steady as a #1 Bestseller since its release two weeks ago. Throughout the pages of this book, you'll experience the strength, determination, and courage of these incredible moms, told through the experiences they have endured along one of the most daring journeys we as women can ever attempt - Motherhood.  This book touches on parenting through depression, miscarriage, incarceration, domestic violence, disabilities, blended families, teenage pregnancy, single parenting, and so much more.

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Come alongside the journey of these mothers, as they give a wealth of knowledge on how to reject the idea of being a "perfect mother", and instead embrace the joys of motherhood and all of the ups and downs that come along with it. In a book filled with countless anecdotes and innumerable pearls of wisdom, these moms embrace the common spirit to give back and serve others by providing a gentle and much-needed reminder that there's no such thing as a perfect mom. These tremendously brave mothers share their personal stories as well as lessons learned from their experiences.

Tiffany S. described this book as being "full of raw, honest emotion from women from many walks of life. I am amazed at how brave and powerful these women are in sharing their stories. I would definitely recommend this for any momma or momma-to-be!"

Kimmoly K. LaBoo is the visionary author behind this best selling anthology. Kimmoly K. LaBoo is a Published Author, International Speaker, and Certified Master Life Coach. She is at the helm of LaBoo Publishing Enterprise, as CEO and founder. She is a highly respected agent in her community and around the world. Her award-winning company was created for the independent self-publisher. Kimmoly enjoys providing expert guidance and unlimited support to her clients, helping them recognize their brilliance and share their stories with the world as published writers.

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Contributing Authors: Perita Adams, Erica Anderson, Tamira Dunn, Alysa Armstrong-Gibbs, Tamara C. Gooch, Traci "Cricket" Crockett, Thressa Dorsey, Tamlyn Franklin, Kelly Freeman-Garrett, Cheryl A.S. Hurley, Mildred Muhammad, Misty Muhammad, Mary Murrill, Cheryl Pullins, Nadian Theresa Reid, Andrea Riley, Felicia Roberts, Monica Thomas, Mia Turner-Whitley, LaRay Williams, Margo W. Williams.

To learn more about The Mom in Me, to purchase a copy of the book, or to learn more about Kimmoly, you can visit their website. For media and press inquiries, contact staff@laboopublishing.com.

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