New Book: The Momentum Sales Model By Best-Selling Author Tim Castle

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NEW YORK - s4story -- Are your sales plateauing? Struggling to find your rhythm? Do sales come one month and disappear the next? The Momentum Sales Model for the entrepreneur that wants to understand the key to success in sales.

It's for the sales manager looking to take their business to the next level, to get that promotion and become a top 1% salesperson, not just in their company but in their field.

The Model Sales Model is made up of 8 core tenants that once mastered will transform how you sell and your ability to create a healthy pipeline of new business opportunities. You'll bever again be wondering where you next sale is coming from; business will flow to you like water running down the side of mountain. It will help you generate unstoppable momentum and never look back.

If you are struggling to create new leads, find that sales come in one month and disappear the next, if you see sales as stressful, get overwhelmed, lack consistency in your results, if you're dealing with a bad boss, being micromanaged, overlooked for promotions, feeling like you could do more but you're not sure which way to go. This book is for you.

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It will help put into place proven system to stand out, make an impact and most importantly let your results do the talking. Never again will you fear a quarterly target, you'll learn how to take responsibility for your sales book of business and inject it with the rocket fuel to grow exponentially.

This is the last sales book you're ever going to need on how to create momentum in your business and get lasting wins that accelerate your business growth and put you in a new league. This is the real deal, no BS, no jargon, just practical strategies and principles that can build that foundation of your sales business and help you get momentum to be in the top 1% of producers.

Tim Castle has sold hundreds of millions of dollars as a sales professional, both working in corporate tech sales and training companies on how to sell. The fact is the traditional sales model is broken, it assumes a linear relationship moving from prospecting through to close, whereas in today's reality, the game has changed. With the rise of technology, remote working, higher growth targets, redundancies, layoffs and a fast-paced changing world, the ability to create and sustain momentum is everything when it comes to sales.



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