New Dystopian thriller JoinWith.Me by Palmetto Publishing Explores Impact of Technology on Humankind

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JoinWith.Me explores timely questions: whether we control technology or it controls us; the singularity horizon where AI crosses the threshold into self-awareness and the enduring power of human connection.

CHARLESTON, S.C. - s4story -- Technology is an ever-growing part of daily life, with society becoming increasingly dependent upon it and even addicted to it. For author Mike Meier, the moment where artificial intelligence crosses the threshold into self-awareness is inevitable, yet the question of whether technology actually allows humanity to flourish in a futuristic world remains to be seen.

In JoinWith.Me, a man named Sam Vanderpool lives a solitary and isolated existence, working a menial job in an urban dystopian society, in the not so distant future, dominated by technology. After an ad pops up on his computer screen, Sam contacts a website claiming to offer counseling for lonely people. Upon entering the site, he speaks with a girl who offers to help him. However, Sam soon discovers this girl is an omnipresent creature who stalks his every move and lurks behind every chip, screen and interface. Desperate to escape the mind control, Sam moves off the grid by living on the streets, and in doing so makes friends, ultimately discovering the connection he was seeking.

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Meier posits that eventually all of humanity will converge in technology. "It is the ultimate destiny of humankind, and while it is startling to see how the Internet and technology has the ability to control us as a society, I really want to emphasize the enduring power of a human connection, something AI cannot replicate," he says. JoinWith.Me is available for purchase online at Amazon.

The website of the book is, not surprisingly,

About the Author

Mike Meier grew up in Germany. He holds a master's degree in political science as well as a J.D. and LL.M. When not writing books and screenplays, he enjoys playing Latin and Flamenco guitar. He currently resides in the greater Washington, D.C area.

JoinWith.Me by Mike Meier
ISBN: 978-1-64111-942-9
Publication Date: Available now on Amazon, see

Mike Meier, author of JoinWith.Me

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