Nomadness expands to Baltimore

The Mammoth-based vacation rental company is now taking over the east coast.

LOS ANGELES - May 2, 2017 - s4story -- Vacation rental company Nomadness Rentals has officially spread its wings to the east, as it incorporates Baltimore as the latest location on its rental program. Both historic and cosmopolitan, Baltimore offers a variety of sites to see for east coast visitors and urbanites. Additionally, the latest upscale condos introduced on the program are just minutes from Johns Hopkins Hospital, which offers renown treatment and world-class opportunities for aspiring medical professionals.

Whether it's business or pleasure that brings you out to Baltimore, there's no shortage of sightseeing for the leisurely moments you plan to spend around town. For history buffs, one of the most interesting attractions might be the Edgar Allen Poe house, where the late writer once resided and wrote many of his most intriguing literary pieces. The Baltimore harbor also has many attractions and sights to offer. Aside from its grandeur, it offers sights such as the military warship the USS Constellation and the National Aquarium. If one wishes to explore both the beautiful Baltimore skyline and the coastline, helicopter tours are available that will allow you to soar majestically.

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To put the cherry on top of your Baltimore trip, Nomadness Rentals is offering eight modern and spacious condos located right amidst all the main attractions in town. With luxury furnishings and a loft-style feel, these homes are sure to be an ideal compliment to anyone's Baltimore trip.

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