A Riveting Expose of Why the GOP uses Race to Dominate American Politics

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Noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson's latest work Why the GOP Became a White Supremacist Party reveals:

How Black crime exaggeration and scare has been a winning formula for six decades for GOP Presidents and presidential candidates

How Ronald Reagan trashed King and the King Holiday

The GOP's Blueprint for using racial division to win elections

The origins of the use of racially loaded code words to win white votes

How Trump will again recycle Nixon and Reagan's racist code word script for the 2024 presidential election

How the GOP used race to control the majority of America's state houses

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In Why the GOP Became a White Supremacist Party, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson assesses the potency of race as a crucial building block for the GOP nationally for more than a half-century. He examines the history, politics, and mechanisms of the GOP's exploitation of race.

He details the calculating, but cynical ways Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., and Trump turned the use of race-tinged code words and overt racial pandering into a winning formula for their presidential campaigns. He tells why racial divisiveness will continue to remain the GOP's prime weapon to boost its political strength and attain its ultimate goal of total political dominance in America.

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