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Sensory Friendly Solutions launches an a tool to help people find sensory friendly events, places

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Sensory Friendly Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the Sensory Friendly Finder on their website.

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick - s4story -- Sensory Friendly Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the Sensory Friendly Finder on their website. This innovative tool is designed to become the comprehensive listing of sensory friendly businesses (including retail, restaurants, service providers, performance venues, tourist attractions, and more) catering to people around the world who are seeking sensory friendly experiences due to sensory overload.

In a world that is increasingly busy, noisy, and often overwhelming, more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy life while avoiding sensory overload.  This includes people with a number of invisible conditions, many of which are increasingly prevalent, such as anxiety, autism, concussion, dementia, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, hearing loss, the highly sensitive person, low vision, myalgic-encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, sensory processing disorder, and vestibular disorder. These conditions and their associated sensory sensitivities impede a person's ability to engage in daily life.

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Similarly, many businesses are looking for ways to embrace this large and growing group of people, by offering inclusive experiences to their customers and clients. Sensory Friendly Solutions provides businesses with the opportunity to list their event, place, product or service in the Sensory Friendly Finder, where those with sensory sensitivity who experience sensory overload can easily find this much-needed information. Sensory Friendly Solutions provides sensory friendly resources, along with help for businesses and organizations looking to become more sensory friendly.

The launch of the Sensory Friendly Finder is the first step towards setting a global sensory friendly standard and making the world inclusive to the large and growing segment of our population who are sensory sensitive.

About Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Christel Seeberger founded Sensory Friendly Solutions as inspired by her past 25-year career as an occupational therapist.  Helping an ever-increasing number of clients struggling with sensory overload, it became apparent that there were inadequate solutions available to this growing community of people.   Christel has adult-onset hearing loss, wearing hearing aids for the first time; she realized the time is now to solve the problem of sensory overload in daily life. Sensory Friendly Solutions' mission is to make sensory friendly information easy to find, and to bring together the community of people with sensory sensitivity who experience sensory overload with the businesses and organizations offering sensory friendly experiences. The broader vision of Sensory Friendly Solutions is to set a global sensory friendly standard, making the world more inclusive to people who experience sensory overload.

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Christel Seeberger

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