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Stanford Law's "No Discipline" Ruling is Bizarre and Dangerous

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But Disruptive Stanford Law Students May Still Face Consequences

WASHINGTON - s4story -- ome 13 days after many students disrupted a presentation which was to be made to a law school class by a visiting lecturer who is also a judge on a U.S. court of appeals, the Dean of the Stanford Law School has ruled that none of the disruptive students will be disciplined in any way, including even the mildest penalties which its code provides: e.g. a simple warning, some community service, or simply "education."

This decision was made although the Dean admitted on several occasions that some of the students clearly violated the university's free speech policies by drowning out the judge so that he could not address the students who wished to hear him, and although several video recordings show who the disruptive students were and provide irrefutable evidence of the violations.

The much criticized decision also appears to be made unilaterally by the Dean - who has herself been subjected to withering criticism by judges, legislators, law professors and others - and not by the Office of Community Standards [OCS] which she admits is the appropriate body because it "involves a deliberate process including fact-finding and hearings" - rather than an ad hoc decision made by the supervisor of the DEI Dean who escalated the disruption and is now not with the University.

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Even more puzzling are the four reasons the Dean set forth in hopes of justifying her ruling

The four stated "factors" which led the Dean to rule against a "disciplinary sanction," even for the ringleaders are . . .

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