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Surprising Elements and Twists in Big Red

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New science-fiction novel turns the race to Mars on its head

PIKEVILLE, N.C. - May 14, 2019 - s4story -- Big Red poses some unique questions. What if Terrans secretly settled Mars years ago? What if we could reach the red planet in the blink of an eye? And what if humans weren't the only colonists? Author Damien Larkin blends several surprising components in this science-fiction military-thriller. Readers will relish every surreal development, uncertain if the narrator is reliable or not. At its heart though reside many glimpses into humanity's soul and our current race to reach Mars.

We have always been here...

Traumatized by the effects of Compression travel, soldier Darren Loughlin holds the key to the fate of Earth's Martian colonies. With his Battalion decimated, his fractured memory holds the only clues to the colony-wide communications blackout.

With time running out, Darren pieces together his year-long tour of duty with the Mars Occupation Force. Stationed in the Nazi-founded New Berlin colony, ruled by the brutal MARSCORP, he recounts his part in the vicious, genocidal war against the hostile alien natives and all who question Terran supremacy.

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But as his memories return, Darren suspects he is at the centre of a plot spanning forty years. He has one last mission to carry out. And his alien enemies may be more human than he is…

"There is drama and heartache here, insights in the light and darkness of humanity's soul. This book makes you think." – Phil Parker, author

"A mesmerizing mix of genres: A dash of Starship Troopers mixed teasingly with Memento, spiced with a haunting blend of Black Mirror." - Roland Yeomans, author

"An action packed Military Science Fiction novel that kept me on the edge of my seat." - Jamie Kramer, Books and Ladders

"This is a military sci-fi that reminded me a lot of Heinlein's Starship Troopers." – Lynda R. Young, author

Damien Larkin is a part-time Planning Analyst and a full-time stay-at-home father of two young children. He enjoys turning terrifying nightmares into novels and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. https://www.damienlarkinbooks.com/

Big Red is available May 14, 2019 online, retail, and for all eBook platforms. Published by Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. Science Fiction – Military/Alien Contact/Alternative History. Trade paperback $18.95 ISBN 9781939844606, eBook 3.99 ISBN 9781939844613

Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

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