The American Invasion: Fie Outsells the Western Competition in the U.K

Bestselling Western author John D. Fie, Jr. strikes again with three books in the British top one hundred Western bestsellers with a new book on the way.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - Oct. 17, 2017 - s4story -- It was announced earlier today that John D. Fie, Jr. has become the first Western author from Florida to place three Westerns in the British top 100 bestselling Westerns chart. Fie, a native of Florida, has been scoring high sales for the last couple of years. His books "High Plains Ambush," "Pressor: United States Marshal" and "Gunfight at Benson's Creek" have all broken into the top one hundred with strong sales in the United Kingdom.

Fie, who has made a name for himself by writing high action Western stories, will be releasing a new book later this month. He said, "I'm just glad that audiences around the world are enjoying my stories. It's a thrill to know that people like them so much."

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Since signing with Dusty Saddle Publishing, Fie has been consistently in the American bestseller charts with a string of hits. His current release, "Six-Gun Justice," is currently climbing the ladder, and his short story, "Taylorville Showdown," just finished a three-month run in the top one hundred. Furthermore, Fie has been one of the greatest supporters of the successful "Six Bullets to Sundown" series, which pulls together short stories from a variety of Western authors. "I just couldn't help but feel that the series would be a success," he said. "I know many great writers who just need to be seen by readers. Their stories are good; but without the help of a series like "Six Bullets to Sundown," they don't get any exposure."

You can learn more about John D. Fie, Jr. by emailing his publicity office at Nick@nickwale.org. "Six-Gun Justice" is now available on Amazon.

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