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The Trebors is an Epic Beginning to the Trebor Tales Series and a Perfect Fit for Today's Youth

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s4story -- Since TouchPoint Press released Caroline C. Barney's The Trebors on June 1, 2020, children and parents have expressed delight in the uniqueness of the story and the book's place in the equally unique lives of those isolated at home.

"Many young readers and their parents have submitted images and videos of themselves holding, reading, or reviewing this adventurous story," said publisher Sheri Williams. "It has been fun and inspirational to see how the characters and events in the book are sparking imaginations and filling a void COVID-19 has inserted into the world's young lives."

"I wrote the first draft of this book four years ago and am in awe by how timely its release is to help children frame what is happening around them during this unprecedented time," said Barney. [...] "If we frame what is happening now properly for our children, we have an opportunity to raise the next generation to think of others, to care for the collective, and to lean into the power of being with each other, working for a better world."

The Trebors, the first in the Trebor Tales series, is a tale focused on bringing to life the power of community, togetherness, and faith. The characters in this story grapple with something larger than themselves, and ultimately come to understand that only together can they complete their journey safely. Though this fantasy adventure series can appeal to all mainstream middle-grade readers, those who enjoy epic adventures and morality driven stories will especially find these exciting tales worthy of a read. Caroline C. Barney not only expertly weaves exhilarating story elements together to keep the pages turning, but also uses well placed Christian and faith-based messaging to create enduring characters and a fully satisfying journey.

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In The Trebors, Bori is ravaged, the earth scorched, homes destroyed. Stella longs for the days of peace, where Trebor's danced and sang, where her tree home held all she needed. Now devastation surrounds her and worse yet, her father is missing. He didn't make it home before the storm ripped through the land. The devastated forest calls Stella to journey into it, to look for her father, and face down whatever hides in its deep crevices. But a shifting shape of evil lurks nearby and threatens to destroy everything she knows and loves.

"The focus of The Trebors is about togetherness. It is a whimsical tale and the theme could not resonate more for the times we are in. I hope everyone reads this book!" - Lindsay Czarniak

While The Trebors is Caroline's debut novel, 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Save the Children.

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Source: TouchPoint Press
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