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"Tumbleweed Children" by Sharon Watters is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

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"Tumbleweed Children" by Sharon Watters is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

About the Book:

Born at home and never registered, John didn't apparently exist. John has five years of experience, but no one person has his full picture. It might have lacked love, but it did lack care. There may have been some joy, but the courts have decided that the care system can do a better job; give the boy a chance.

About the Author:

Sharon Watters is the eldest of three sisters.  She was brought up in the 1970s when parenting seemed optional and as a result considers herself a bit wild. Sharon has always loved learning but hated being at senior school as she always felt trapped.  She left school angry and bored at age 15.

"Tumbleweed Children" is her first novel.  It is a fact-based but fiction 'social exposure' story that she hopes raises questions. Sharon has tried to gain the ears of the powers who could change an immoral system but no one is listening. She has written "Tumbleweed Children" in the hope that someone will hear.

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Sharon has often been called a social misfit and only recently gave up trying to understand what that means.

"Tumbleweed Children" by Sharon Watters is available to purchase in paperback from Amazon.co.uk at:


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