USN CMC Leon R. Walker Jr. - Author of "Broken" Inspires Thousands Around the World

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Jimmy Eniola, Founder HEN Foundation (Left) Olivia P. Friedman - Award Winning Business Woman - Marketer Guests at Maya Angelou Event October 2019 Jimmy Eniola's Letter from the President Clinton Arkansas Leon R Walker Jr, Author of "Broken" was in the news... Anne 'Malibu' Jennings PR on #CNNiReport
Our shared business news article explores unsung heroes such as CMC Leon R. Walker Jr. that make a huge impact within their communities - through inspirational activities that enlighten the masses toward positive, and useful change. Eniola with the HEN Foundation, and The Institute of Higher Global Studies never fail to impress.

CLEVELAND & LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - s4story -- Everlasting impressions, team effort, honor and appreciation, for entities making a difference in local communities. It's said to "Think global and act local" - these companies have definitely done so.  The Institute of Higher Global Studies announced another business award and immediate availability of new marketing products. Small businesses upgrade to Platinum, including shared or independent business news articles online.  "We're excited to help small businesses gain Internet-visibility in ways no one else has, in the past," said Adelita Moran, Marketing Intern.

HEN honored Maya Angelou this month at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas. "HEN Foundation has an aim to help," said one person in passing, where guests on the roster were nothing short of spectacular. Eniola, Founder and President, much like "Doc" Olivia P. Friedman - has been involved in United Nations Consulting, Conferences, and Workshops globally for over 17 years - founding organizations in support of initiatives for humanitarian and social justice.

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How Can You Help These Entities?
Leon R Walker Jr's book called "Broken" could use a slight boost in sales to meet with engagement expenses involving travel to just about everywhere. Leon has been footing the bill on these activities out of his own pocket.  Changes are most driven by client feedback. Therefore - your opinion and support matters. CMC Leon R. Walker Jr Inspires thousands, saves lives, and encourages abused adults and youth. He's amassed a following with "Doc's" marketing efforts.

Positive Customer Impact
Clients of The Institute benefit greatly, and praise work Olivia P. Friedman does with Leon R. Walker Jr., having written his book well over a year ago stated he's; "Never seen anything like it." When referring to "Doc's" marketing services. "Increased organic traffic, learning who my ideal target audience is, and receiving PR at the same time. The online visibility package is "Unmatched". They've also re-launched the previously popular - "Great and Relentless Few" podcast, with your favourite host!  The Institute is committed to ensuring you are seen and understood online - respectively.

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As for the HEN Foundation, they can truly benefit from your donations – no amount is too large or too small!

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