"Warrior's Breed" — A Tale of Feathers, Justice, and the Quest for Freedom by Dean Wilson

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The feathertail book by Dean Wilson is set to hit bookstores and online platforms on October 1, 2023, offering a literary journey like no other.

HARTFORD, Conn. - s4story -- Hold onto your feathers! "Warrior's Breed" isn't just any bird tale. This roller-coaster of a story takes you into the life of Toppa, a rooster with more spunk than your average farm bird. Toppa takes us on an unforgettable journey that's a barnyard full of freedom-fighting, soul-searching, and wing-spreading goodness!

Dean Wilson masterfully transcends mere anthropomorphism, weaving intricate themes into an engaging storyline. This promises to make "Warrior's Breed" a timeless addition to the genre of allegorical animal literature.

Key Themes Explored:
  1. Ethics of Animal Treatment: "Warrior's Breed" fearlessly delves into the biases society imposes on different species, challenging readers to reconsider their perspectives on animal rights.
  2. Freedom vs. Captivity: At its core, this novel is an epic tale of the quest for autonomy and the profound essence of life itself, as experienced through the eyes of its avian protagonist.
  3. Social Justice: Dean Wilson fearlessly questions societal norms and the prevailing system of values, prompting readers to reflect on the very fabric of our society.

"Warrior's Breed" will be available for purchase in all major bookstores and online retailers starting October 1, 2023. Pre-orders are currently open on Amazon.com (https://amzn.to/3sDbLU7), so reserve your copy and embark on this extraordinary literary journey.

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About Dean Wilson
Dean Duvantie Wilson (https://deanduvantiewilson.com/) is a serial entrepreneur and financial coach from Hartford, Ct. He co-founded JAH Financial Services & Real Estate, a business solutions firm, and owns Golden Touch Personal Care and the Josette and Dean Wilson Foundation. Through their foundation, Dean teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses how to empower others, propelling them toward success and prosperity. In addition to being a visionary, Dean is an author who is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

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