Wicked Cow Studios Launches Pop-Science Brain Franchise With Release Of "It's All In Your Head"

Introducing "It's All In Your Head": The first and only book for anyone with a brain.

NEW YORK - Oct. 5, 2017 - s4story -- Get to know your brain better than it knows you.

This original multiplatform franchise is all about what Neil deGrasse Tyson calls "the most complicated object in the universe"—your brain. In its centerpiece, "It's All In Your Head," author Keith Blanchard conquers all the unknowns of what makes you you.

It's All In Your Head is the interactive, easy-to-read user's guide to your brain. This immersive book tackles the questions that keep you up at night: Is your smartphone wrecking your memory? Are believers' and atheists' brains different? Who's smarter: your baby or your dog? Hwo is yuor biarn albe to raed tihs crzay quseotin?

"I've always had a great passion for science, and the past several years I've wanted to be a force in helping bridge the accessibility gap between scientists and the population at large," said Blanchard, former World Science Festival Chief Digital Officer. "When the team at Wicked Cow approached me with the idea to create an accessible guide to the inner workings of the brain, I jumped at the chance. I'm very proud of our work together on this book."

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It's All In Your Head is designed from the bottom up to be a fun, illuminating franchise, with this vibrant book as the center of its universe. This brand explores your brain from every angle in every medium possible: VR/AR, TV, cookbooks, exhibitions, digital, education, and more. We're collaborating with best-in-class brand partners to drill down into the most fascinating, cutting-edge brain science, sharing it with our audience through engaging, exciting, shareable—and understandable—media.

"The brain is the perfect subject for Wicked Cow Studios' maiden voyage. It's an endlessly fascinating, rich topic that can be explored in many different ways on many different platforms," added Wicked Cow founder and CEO, Michael Hermann, "and I think we've created the first truly fun, entertaining, and interactive franchise for a science-curious audience to discover the awesomeness of their brains."

For more, please visit www.thebrainninjas.com or contact Mallory Stratton: ms@wickedcow.com, (212) 699-1888 x115.

Wicked Cow Studios builds franchises. Its publishing-first model leverages its storytelling experience across media platforms and beyond. Wicked Cow, in tandem with world-class strategic production and sponsorship partners, including Time Inc. and WebMD, among others, optimizes executions for every category to put entertaining and informative productions in front of audiences wherever they are. By adapting these stories across channels—live events, exhibitions, audio, education, TV, film, and digital—Wicked Cow builds them into franchises that generate powerful long-term revenue streams.

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For more than a dozen years and an inspired run in the brand world, Michael Hermann and Wicked Cow created uncommon opportunities for some of the world's most beloved pop culture brands including management of the the Roberto Clemente Estate, the Julius Erving brand, Pelé, Wiffle®, Big League Chew, Maxim, and The Notorious B.I.G. Estate, among others. More recently, Wicked Cow is Derek Jeter's co-founding and co-publishing partner in Jeter Publishing, their content studio that includes a JV partnership with Simon & Schuster.

Keith Blanchard is the author of two novels and contributed in various capacities to several publishing and production enterprises, from The Week to Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone to The Drew Carey Show, The Wall Street Journal to Yourtango.com. Keith also spent time as editor-in-chief and creative director of Maxim.

Mallory Stratton, Wicked Cow Studios

Source: Wicked Cow Studios

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