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You won't believe these amazing stories from our guest authors!

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HINGHAM, Mass. - s4story -- October and November have been very busy months over here at Mequoda Publishing Network. Not only are we harvesting the last of our gardens and getting ready for winter, we have also been busy reading stories from our amazing guest authors. They have been happily sharing their stories, advice and wisdom with us!

Denise Schreiber told us about her childhood and how she became interested in gardening in "The Making of Mrs. Know It All". She also shared with us fascinating information on the history of Samhain that includes some yummy food in "Celebrating Samhain with delicious recipes". Her final piece of wisdom will definitely help us all winter long as she shares tips on how to "Start preserving for National Canning Day". I can't wait to use these canning tips to keep my jam fresh this year.

David Hobson addressed an age-old question in "Is it a shovel or is it a spade?". He gives some great tips on how to distinguish between the two and some humorous insights on why it is important to use the right ones. Our backs will be thanking him when we go to do our planting in the spring!

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Lynette Walther encouraged us to all start "Embracing the insect invasion in the garden". She shares that we will start to see a balance in our gardens once we embrace insects and visiting animals as well as the other insects that utilize them. It makes me look at the "pests" in my garden in a whole new light.

Don Nicholas reminisced about his time on the USS Enterprise in "A Blueberry Sunday Morning at Sea". It is a poignant reminder that sometimes treats are even better when they are a reminder of the loved ones at home. He also shared one of his favorite holiday recipes with "Embracing Fall Flavors: Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Pie Recipe". I may have to try my hand at baking this pie!

I even joined in the fun with a couple stories of my own. I shared my love of my grandparents and grapefruit in "Gathering grapefruit and gathering memories". Sometimes foods are more than just nourishment, they are an expression of love. I also took the time to remember to be thankful in "A season to give thanks". With how busy the year gets; it is sometimes easy to forget to stop and be thankful of the little things that happen every day.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we have. It is so nice to hear the voices of other gardeners and what resonates with them!

Christy Page

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