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Young Coffee Entrepreneur to Appear on Shark Tank January 6

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WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. - Jan. 2, 2019 - s4story -- Tune in this Sunday, January 6th as budding entrepreneur, Max Feber, will fulfill his lifelong dream of being featured on ABC's Shark Tank.

From the age of 10, Max would watch Shark Tank all the time, wondering if he might make it into the tank one day.  Years before he even knew what cold brew was, Max dreamed that one day he would be standing on that famous carpet, never fathoming that one day could be today.

As a fifteen year old in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Max began his entrepreneurial journey as he launched his very own company, BRUW, a mess-free cold brew coffee filter designed to make crafting cold brew coffee effortless.

Starting off as a high school student drinking far too much coffee for his age, Max fell in love with the idea of cold brew coffee and was determined to make the process easier and better.  Only after trying it dozens of times, did the idea for a new cold brew coffee filter come to mind.  With a passion for coffee and innovation, Max ripped a screen off the wall along with two Mason jar lids and after countless tries BRUW was officially born.

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With the support of his family and friends, Max was able to launch his first Kickstarter in December 2015 and acquire the funds to begin production as only a junior in high school.  With the amazing help of his community, BRUW was able to launch and Max was on his way.

In 2017, Max took his talents to Babson College where he studies entrepreneurship and business. There was never a question of where he wanted to go.

"When I was a junior and senior in high school, I would go to business pitch competitions," said Feber. "I was typically the youngest person there, a majority of the founders were in their 30s or older, and then there would be one or two college students. They were always from Babson."

At Babson, Feber honed his entrepreneurial skills and became connected with organizations such as the Next Gen Summit, a community of highly motivated young entrepreneurs, to help take his company to the next level.

"I'm so grateful for everyone who helped me grow to where I am now, and amazed by the amount of support I've gotten while trying to grow my business."

With hundreds of Mason jars scattered all around his childhood home, BRUW has been in the making for so long.  When the idea first sparked, Max covered his bedroom wall in a giant piece of paper which listed his goals for the future, Shark Tank of course being one of them. Through every failed prototype and sleepless night, Shark Tank was always a huge aspiration.  Over the last four years, Max has put a check mark next to each goal that he has accomplished, still adding to the list today.

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This Sunday, there will be a giant check next to "Shark Tank."

Max is known by all his peers as an innovator. Throughout high school, he would enter class each morning with a new half-broken prototype of some new creation.  Most of them failed.  He never quit, though. Through all of his businesses Max has learned countless lessons which have helped him grow BRUW to the place it's at today.

Join Max this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. EST in the tank and see what the Sharks have to say about this young coffee lover and his unique filter system.

Max would absolutely LOVE to talk more about his journey and the path to get to the tank.  Please contact sharktank@bruw.net for press inquiries.

Source: BRUW
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