Fashion News

BALTIMORE - March 18, 2019 - -- UNDER, is a fashion production devoted to representing members of the petite community.  May 18, 2019, is the return date for this event and will take place in front of an audience of strong representatives who...
LONODON, England - March 15, 2019 - -- Community-focussed eyewear brand, Ollie Quinn, opened its new UK flagship boutique in London's Covent Garden on Saturday.
St. James Infirmary celebrating 20 years of service on June 2 at Terra Gallery in San Francisco. Celebrating lives saved and improved health for thousands of sex workers and their families in our community.
A portion of sales from an exclusive March 14th evening event will benefit Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF), funding research to improve the care, quality of life, and survival rate of children battling cancer.
Explore This Distinctive Jewelry Collection Handmade in California
All Convertible Debt Retired Under Favorable Terms, Experiential Advertising Subsidiary Continues to Execute on Growth and is Expanding
Houston Texan football players Kayvon Martin and Steven Mitchell Jr. featured in the latest Clean Dirt drops.
LOS ANGELES - March 8, 2019 - -- LA based show producer/ entrepreneur Karen Michelle in association with LYB Events, Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle, Mickey Fine Pharmacy and Grill, Softweb, Coco Taps, Searchlight Insurance, FabUPlus Magazine, My/Mo...
NEW YORK - March 7, 2019 - -- After recently releasing a video snippet of her highly anticipated new single 'The Throne' choreographed by Susy Payne Puckett  from her critically acclaimed album Legends On The Map. Singer, songwriter, producer...
Digitally-native menswear brand Bonobos has completed its implementation of an intuitive, collaborative Product Lifecycle Management ("PLM") platform from fashion technology house BeProduct – in partnership with digital innovation firm STYCHECO
New Items Continue Brand's Mission to Add Quality to Everyday Experiences