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Author Releases First Children's Book

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - s4story -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Johnson City, Tennessee, is proud to announce the nationwide release of What Ever Happened to the Smooth Tongued Cats, by the Donald Greco.

Donald Greco grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and has lived in Ohio all his life, fulfilling a career as a fifth-grade schoolteacher, a high school geometry teacher, and later as a professor of mathematics. He always dreamed of writing stories, so quietly, in his spare time, he wrote novels throughout his adult life. The only one who knew of his secret passion was his beloved wife, Angie, whom he tragically lost several years ago. He is still a resident of Ohio and is the father of three sons and five grandchildren. So far, he has written four of the five novels of the Youngstown Quintet. The first four are now available on Amazon, and the last novel will be out later in 2022. What Ever Happened to the Smooth-Tongued Cats? is his first story for children.

What Ever Happened to the Smooth-Tongued Cats? follows the story of Pete and Lukey. Pete is a nice, gentle cat who loves Lukey, his owner. He's always happy when he's with Lukey and his family. But Pete has a whole lot of troubles. Other cats just don't like him, and nobody, especially Lukey, can figure out why. Pete often gets into cat fights, and when he does, he sometimes gets hurt and has to be taken to a veterinarian. So what can be done about Pete and Lukey's cat troubles?

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What Ever Happened to the Smooth-Tongued Cats? is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, and through Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. includes various imprints, each specializing in a particular genre—from Appalachian stories to children's books and more. At JCP, we believe 'every story needs a book.' For more information or to schedule a book signing, call Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., at 423.926.9983, or visit jancarolpublishing.com. Follow JCP on Facebook.

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Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

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