BLUNT, New Book by Thomas Easley, Gives Countercoulture Insight Rarely Seen

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NEW YORK - s4story -- Wordeee announces the publication of BLUNT by artist and author, Thomas Easley. In the tradition of Kerouac, Ferlinghetti,  and Ginsberg, Easley captured the counterculture voice of a generation. Ben Marmot, a man with a life of promise gone wrong, is an anarchist and antiestablishment iconoclast. A well-traveled 64-year-old decorated war hero and Vietnam War sniper, his country has all but forgotten him. Each passing day, it seems like the establishment has taken away more of the freedom he depends on to survive. Traumatized by life, suffering from PTSD, angry and bitter, he's reduced to living in a trailer park in Paradise at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Into Ben's life comes Sally, a 33-year-old ethereal being. When Ben meets Sally, they immediately see hope in one another. Forced inside themselves into their own world, they find solace. When the 2018 Paradise campfire began, the deadliest wildfire in California's history, they decided to make a new start. Like infamous duos, Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde, Sally and Ben embark on a road trip to Key West. Following the journey of these lost souls on their road trip and watch their traumas play out in unbelievable ways, we hear their ideas about a world gone wrong, watching as they become renegades for freedom. "Written in terse, stunning, in-your-face prose, BLUNT will force you to think past your own boundaries to a larger, more complex and connected world," stated Patrice Samara, COO of Wordeee.

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"Seeking a detour from American sociopolitical norms? BLUNT is a divisive, contentious and unconventional love story challenging readers to reexamine their role in an increasingly fractured society." —W.B. King, Author & Journalist

"A present-day prophesy both profane and profound." —Alan G. Labouseur, Founder/President, 3NF Consulting; Computer Science Faculty, Marist College

"There are some compelling stories in this world; BLUNT is one of them. It's a natural for the big screen." —Michael H. Glyn, Emmy Award Winning Director

Thomas Easley, writing since age 9, started The Pink Dinosaur, a literary magazine in his hometown, Lake Tahoe, Nevada at 16. He became a successful visual artist living in Europe and Asia for two decades with work in major collections worldwide. He is a member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters. The author of the best-selling art book Figure In Motion; Yubbles and the Mumdebobbin; On The Elephant's Knee; and Between Apes and Gods, he is a longtime contributor to The Speaking Tree, the Times of India's blog on spirituality. He lives in the Hudson Valley area of New York and divides his time between painting and writing.

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