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Christmas Spirit Revitalizes Hopes and Dreams in "A Christmas Heart"

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BABYLON, N.Y. - s4story -- In preparation for the holiday season, author and poet Christie Leigh Babirad releases A Christmas Heart (TouchPoint Press, October 26, 2021). While Babirad often writes about the autumn and winter seasons, A Christmas Heart stands as the first fiction novel Babirad has written in the third-person, past tense perspective.

Inspired by loving Christmases spent with her mother, Babirad uses the third-person perspective to highlight emotions main character Quinn Ainsley feels towards her hometown of Berrywick, Connecticut. "Christmas is all about your home and your hometown. It's soaked in the past just as much as it contains hope in the present and for the future," Babirad says. Babirad hopes readers of A Christmas Heart will find that, "no matter what holiday you celebrate, this is a time of year when you truly can rebuild with the hope and light that is intrinsically within this season."

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About the Book
Quinn Ainsley loves everything about Christmas, and no other place in the world does the holiday like New York City. Quinn has a job she loves working downtown at Bellissima Star magazine where she gets to write about people's passions and a boyfriend she sees a stable future with. Everything is perfect… that is until she returns to work after Thanksgiving.

When Quinn is suddenly laid off from her job, she goes back to her small hometown in Berrywick, Connecticut, a place that is filled with unconfronted ghosts from her past. It has been three years since she ran away, taking her broken heart with her.

When faith, hope, and healing are put to the test, can Quinn confront loss and find where her passion lies in time to celebrate her favorite holiday, or will this be a Christmas that changes her heart completely?

Readers can find Babirad's A Christmas Heart at http://bit.ly/BabiradChristmasHeart. A Christmas Heart is also available from major book retailers in eBook ($3.99) and paperback ($13.99). Wholesale from Ingram and TouchPoint Press.

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About Christie Leigh Babirad
Christie Leigh Babirad is an author and poetess. Her work has been featured in Tiny Buddha, The Mindful Word, and Dan's Papers. Continually looking skyward, she believes in the light that exists even in the darkest of times and is a seeker of love, passion, and festively spirited moments.

About the Publisher
TouchPoint Press is a traditional publisher of fiction and nonfiction. Our staff is comprised of professionals whose collective experience in publishing, editing, journalism, design, and marketing set the stage behind our growing list of published titles. We are proud to work with talented authors and strive to be as innovative and energetic as possible from acquisitions to promotion before and after publication.

For interview and review requests, please contact Jennifer Bond at media@touchpointpress.com.

Jennifer Bond, Media Liaison for TouchPoint Press

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