Does CCTV Really Prevent Crime in Houston?

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As a businessperson or homeowner, you've worked hard—and you should protect your property. Consider a closed-circuit surveillance television system to keep your property safe and give you peace of mind.

HOUSTON - Feb. 19, 2018 - s4story -- Every day, our staff fields calls from homeowners and business owners wondering how to best keep their properties safe and secure. Property crime rates in the Houston area are nearly double the national median. Let us help you deter crime with security solutions to fit your needs and budget. In addition to alarm and access control systems, we install CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance systems for both commercial and residential properties throughout Houston. Here's our primer on CCTV:

What is CCTV?
Closed-circuit TV systems include both mounted and stand-alone surveillance cameras on your property and the closed—non-monitored—TV channel for your viewing. Our CCTV systems allow you to see what is going on at your property whether you're home or not. What's more, you can view your property from your smartphone.

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Why it works
Most burglars targeting homes or businesses are looking for an easy target. The presence of an alarm system, access control system, CCTV, or other surveillance technology acts as a deterrent. Not only have you added a layer of security, you've also added technology to your property protection.

Make it obvious
To reap the most benefit from CCTV, we recommend making some elements of the system obvious. Posting a notice that your property is monitored by CCTV acts as a deterrent. It also keeps you on the straight and narrow: while it's your right to monitor your property, it's also a good idea to let anyone visiting your property know he or she is being recorded.

Outsmart potential criminals
While elements of your surveillance system should be obvious, you also want to keep your equipment out of reach. Hanging cameras should be high enough to prevent tampering; consider mounting high on building walls or in tall trees.

Visual access
Our CCTV systems give you visual access to what's going on at your property, whether you're there or not. If you're remotely checking your property and something is amiss, you have the ability to address the situation without actually being there. That can bring a swift resolution when there's a problem. And a sigh of relief.

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Recorded footage
Recorded CCTV footage can also provide valuable evidence. If something happens on your property that involves the local authorities, any available footage can increase the chances that the perpetrator is caught.

Part of a complete security system
The best property security measures are comprehensive. Ample lighting, secure locks, surveillance, and alarm systems all work together to deter criminals and provide you peace of mind.

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