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Food Gardening Magazine Unveils Key Insights from 2024 Gardening Survey

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HINGHAM, Mass. - s4story -- Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, announces the release of its April 2024 issue, featuring insights derived from a comprehensive survey conducted earlier this year. The survey, titled "What Are You Planting in 2024?" sought to uncover the plans and preferences of gardening enthusiasts, providing valuable data on trends shaping home gardens across the nation.

In January, Food Gardening Network engaged its community members with nine thought-provoking questions aimed at elucidating their gardening aspirations for the year. A total of 286 respondents participated in this survey, offering invaluable perspectives that shed light on emerging trends and enduring favorites within the gardening landscape.

The survey results unveiled a plethora of noteworthy findings, highlighting key trends that are set to influence gardening practices in 2024. Notably, tomatoes emerged as the undisputed frontrunner, with an overwhelming 83% of gardeners expressing their intent to cultivate this versatile crop. Additionally, bell peppers, cucumbers, basil, green beans, lettuce, onions, carrots, peas, and potatoes emerged prominently in the top ten preferred plants for home gardens.

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Strawberries emerged as the preferred fruit among respondents, capturing the attention of 31% of gardeners. Noteworthy is the acknowledgment that while tomatoes are botanically classified as fruit, they remain a staple in the vegetable category for culinary purposes.

In addition to plant preferences, the survey delved into gardeners' reflections on their past year's endeavors. Approximately 42% of respondents expressed satisfaction with their previous year's crops, while 40% identified weather-related challenges as their primary obstacle.

Amanda MacArthur, Senior Editor and Producer of Food Gardening Magazine shared her personal delight at the survey findings. She says, "The overwhelming preference for strawberries and tomatoes underscores their universal appeal and the joy they bring to both gardens and plates. It's a testament to their versatility and culinary significance."

The April 2024 issue of Food Gardening Magazine showcases the survey results and offers a wealth of additional content to inspire and educate gardening enthusiasts. Cover stories include practical guides such as "5 Things to Plant in April," "How to Build a Raised Lettuce Garden," "How to Make Natural Dyes from Vegetables," "The Sound of Corn Growing," and "10 Prettiest Flowering Vegetables and Herbs." Gardening Guides for Peas, Lettuce, and Summer Squash and more than 15 accompanying recipes are also included.

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Furthermore, in conjunction with the magazine release, Food Gardening Network has introduced the Fruits & Berries Garden-to-Table Recipe Card Kit. This kit features 20 delectable recipes highlighting the fresh flavors of seasonal fruits and berries, providing a delightful culinary companion to the gardening journey.

For a comprehensive exploration of the survey results and a treasure trove of gardening wisdom, read "Top Planted of 2024: What Our Community is Planting This Year (https://foodgardening.mequoda.com/articles/top-planted-what-our-community-is-planting-this-year/?t=38894)" now!

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