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Genealogy Gift Experiences – spend a day with a genealogist

LONDON - May 18, 2017 - s4story -- Family History Gifts were inspired to create their Getting Started With Your Family Tree Gift Experience in 2010 by a customer who required one-to-one help with navigating the vast choice of established and emerging genealogy websites.

Manager and principal genealogist Michelle Jackson at Family History Gifts realised there was a place in the market for genealogy gift experiences. "After deciding on a venue and itinerary, I decided that this would serve the gift industry very well. The focus is on the gift recipient; they have a day in London entirely devoted to them and their ambition of discovering their family tree. For them it is a journey at the very beginning of research. Most customers arrive in the morning extremely excited; they can't contain themselves!"

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At the start of the experience, the genealogist and the gift recipient spend thirty minutes discussing the foundation records used for researching a tree. Then they move on to a fun genealogy game designed to test thinking skills. According to Michelle, "After all the talk about records, which can be difficult to retain, the game is a brilliant practical initiation into the world of genealogy."

The morning concludes with drawing up the gift recipient's family tree based on their oral history, and devising a work plan for the afternoon's research.

After lunch, it's over to the Society of Genealogists to begin working on the gift recipient's family tree. Wherever possible they are encouraged to use the resources themselves. Help is given by the genealogist with regards to the best databases to use, research techniques, and reading original records.

At the end of the afternoon the gift recipient will have the knowledge to move onto the next stage of research on their own. However, after all the goodbyes, the day does not end there. Family History Gifts sends the gift recipient a personally tailored email covering what was discussed, which resources, and which methods were used.

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The next challenge for Family History Gifts is a brand new experience. "We are developing a very special gift day," said Michelle. "It will be a complete genealogy experience for those who want their family tree researched, but also want it to coincide with a family celebration."

The Getting Started with your family tree gift experience is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Cost £180 including entrance to the Society of Genealogists and morning refreshments.

Michelle Jackson

Source: Family History Gifts

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