"Give a Manor Take a Manor: The Rise and Decline of a Medieval Manor" by Murray Johnston is publishe

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An account of a manorial estate in Medieval England Today, in times of fading borders and challenged national identity, this book celebrates a treasured feature of English Heritage

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"Give a Manor Take a Manor:  The Rise and Decline of a Medieval Manor" by Murray Johnston is published

About the Book:

Domestic rebellions and foreign wars, the king's rule, murder, traitors and execution, crippling debt, arranged marriages of young heirs and heiresses, avoidance of taxes, medieval decrees of inheritance, the black death and famine.  All that and more can be found in a fascinating new book based on the meticulous research of exceptional author Murray Johnston.

While his first book, The Watford Knight's Fee, will satisfy serious students and enthusiasts of medieval English history, his second opens the door to everyone.  A time machine takes the reader along a fascinating and sometimes wobbly journey with the lords of the manor through 700 years – including, unique in English history, one family for 500 years.

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For more details about this book, see:  https://www.giveamanor.com

Excerpt from the book:

"The First Barons War commenced when the barons attacked but failed to take Northampton Castle. Nonetheless, they proceeded to successfully take London. King John was forced to attach his great seal to the Magna Carta in June 1215. But John set aside the Great Charter and the war with the barons continued. Many of the barons, including supporters such as Eustace de Watford, were cast adrift by the king due to their allegiance to the rebel cause."

About the Author:

Murray Johnston is the author of several books on family history venturing as far back as the 16th century. Rediscovering medieval places, events and people became an inseparable part of his life. Exploring connections to an ancient English parish introduced him to the medieval world of manors and the rise and decline of one in particular through seven centuries. Living the adventure of researching more than a thousand documents found in England's greatest archival institutions gave Murray the basis for his latest book: Give a Manor Take a Manor.

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The e-book and audiobook versions of this book will also be released soon.

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