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Golf Gum® and the Liquid Core® Delivery System, Capable of Fueling Better Scores, Announce Debut of SPACE STATION® Distribution Device at PGA Show

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Golf Gum® Booth 2805 with SPACE STATIONS® Golf Gum® 15-pack Tray Golf Gum® SPACE STATION® Golf Gum® Single Pack Golf Gum® Booth 2805
DENVER - s4story -- Apollo Brands LLC ("Apollo®") announced today that its Golf Gum® Energy Gum will exhibit at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida January 22-24, 2020.  Golf Gum®, featuring a unique Liquid Core® that starts releasing natural caffeine and B-vitamins on the first chew, is coming off a year of unprecedented growth thanks in part to the viral buzz surrounding Tiger Woods winning the Masters while chewing gum last April.  Golf Gum® is vegan, sugar-free and appeals to consumers drawn to better-for-you products. It's tagline is Focus…Smooth…Energy.

Golf Gum®, featured last month in a Wall Street Journal piece about Functional Chewing Gum, offers cognitive and physical benefits that can provide golfers with reduced stress and enhanced reaction times, respectively. The cognitive benefits associated with chewing gum, like improved concentration and enhanced memory function, are scientifically validated and can greatly benefit golfers and also everyday work activities.  Studies like this from the NIH show that a moderate dose of caffeine taken while playing golf can help lower scores, and improvement on tasks that require sustained attention.  Many PGA Tour Pros have been chewing Golf Gum® via the company's Pro Sampling Program at major PGA Tour events. Golf Gum® is located at Booth 2805.

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The Golf Gum® Liquid Core® Ingredient Delivery System now has the unique SPACE STATION® Retail Delivery System:  Making its worldwide debut at the PGA Show is a new proprietary distribution device technology, SPACE STATION®.  Designed and developed in-house exclusively to distribute Golf Gum® and other Apollo® Brands, SPACE STATION® is perfect for beverage carts, pro shops, and clubhouses because it allows for cashless transactions.  "We accelerated the launch of SPACE STATION® to intruduce it at the PGA Show because it is a perfect fit for the golf industry," stated Apollo® CMO Scott Schaible.  "Golfers are early adopters and they drive innovation, and SPACE STATION® technology is smart, efficient and has a great synergy with the Golf Gum® brand," he continued.  CPG and marketing professionals that have seen SPACE STATION® marvel about the way it can educate and engage.   SPACE STATION® does everything except refill itself.

A significant departure from the traditional wholesale/retail and marketing infrastructures, these rechargeable and portable devices combine brand-building with cutting-edge technology.  Anywhere a SPACE STATION® is placed becomes an active point of sale.  Customers can pay via the App, credit card swipe, or Apple Pay.  SPACE STATION® even handles the accounting.  "It is our Keurig machine, or more accurately it's our Red Bull mini refrigerator, infused with today's IOT technology," stated Apollo® Founder and CEO Troy Widgery.  Widgery noted that in addition to the green grass and retail applications for SPACE STATION®, the futuristic device creates an almost infinite number of side hustle opportunities.  By creating Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) commerce, SPACE STATION® is transporting energy to friends.

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About Apollo:  Apollo Brands® was born out of Founder Troy Widgery's prior success with GO FAST! Energy Drink™. Following the successful exit from GO FAST!™, a surviving independent brand that at times had distribution in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Caribbean, the Apollo® Team focused on creating a healthier and more portable energy product. This led to the unique Apollo Liquid Core Brands® like Golf Gum®, which are manufactured in Denver, Colorado USA.  Apollo® strives to inspire consumers to challenge the status quo of how they get their energy: Be Smart, Chew Your Energy™.  Apollo's® mission is notably focused: To Empower People with Good Energy™.  Visit www.ApolloBrandsLLC.com.

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