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High Achievers: What Are Your Chances of Getting Promoted With Your Current Leadership Skills?

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What You Need to Know to Boost Your Visibility for Career Promotion

CINCINNATI - s4story -- Every day, good people get passed over for supervisory roles because they don't have a strong leadership base. When there are no prepared candidates to assume these roles, especially when there is an unplanned vacancy, it leads to a breakdown of duties, loss of knowledge, unclear vision, and poor morale amongst the team.

How can you position yourself to transition from a supporting role to a standout leader in your industry? Tywauna Wilson is the author of the new release Some Leaders Wear Lab Coats: 7 Tips to Stand Out, Get Promoted, and Get Paid (Trendy Elite Media Group, 2020, https://someleaderswearlabcoats.com) to help you learn exactly what it takes to transition from the front line to a supervisory position feeling equipped and prepared to lead. Although the process to evolve into a befitting leader can be daunting, it's also a journey of discovering your potential, learning new skills, and developing an entirely different mindset.

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Mrs. Wilson offers these three tips on how you can stand out in the workplace:

1. Create your leadership roadmap.
Define your vision and purpose for your career. Outline the people, skills, education, and work/volunteer experience that you need to get to your five-year career goal. Plan your action to reach your goal and achieve success.

2. Surround yourself with people who will take you to the next level.
If you are the smartest person in the room, you need to move into a new room so that you can continue to grow and develop. Establish your personal board of directors of people who will challenge you, provide honest feedback, and provide mentorship to you.

3. Position yourself for leadership even before you have the formal title.
Learn the necessary skills in advance that will be required in a supervisory role. Develop financial acumen, increase emotional intelligence, and get to know your boss and figure out how you can help them be successful in their role.

To receive additional leadership strategies to support you on your leadership journey, subscribe to the Trendy Elite Leadership newsletter at https://trendyelite.leadingthebest.com/JMTN0001. To get a copy of the book visit https://someleaderswearlabcoats.com.

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About the Author:
Tywauna 'Coach Tee' Wilson is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, medical laboratory scientist, and an award-winning leadership maven who helps medical laboratory professionals and high achievers grow their leadership, boost their visibility, and discover their unique power strengths for career promotion with proven strategies found in the StandOut Leader Academy.  She is the author of "Some Leaders Wear Lab Coats", the Visionary Author of the "Leadership Tidbits" book series and host of the "Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson" and "eLABorate Topics" podcasts.

Tywauna Wilson

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