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Historic Cesar Chavez Bust Set for New White House Museum Display

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WASHINGTON - s4story -- A bronze bust of civil rights icon Cesar Chavez, originally crafted in California for permanent installation in Fresno State University's Peace Garden, is set to be a centerpiece in the upcoming White House museum, scheduled to open in September 2024. This announcement marks a significant moment in both art and Civil Rights history, spotlighting Chavez's enduring legacy and the artistic journey of the piece from California to the Oval Office on the Resolute Desk.

Artistic Genesis in California: In the mid-1990s, artist Paul Suarez, managing art foundry, Studio America, in Rocklin, California, became renowned for his bronze sculpting ability. Among his early notable works is the "Omo Man," an African warrior piece exhibited in a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition.

A Monumental Commission: Suarez's pivotal assignment came from Fresno State University, which commissioned him to create the nation's first life-size bronze-on-stone monument of Cesar E. Chavez. Unveiled on Chavez's birthday, the sculpture garnered attention from major media outlets, including the New York Times.

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Oval Office Honor: Further elevating Suarez's work, an original bust from the Chavez series is currently displayed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office during President Joe Biden's administration, symbolizing a renewed interest in Chavez's historic contributions.

Technological Revival for a New Era: The recent initiative by the White House Historical Association (WHHA) and the Cesar Chavez Foundation to include a replicated bust in the new White House museum led to innovative efforts in art preservation. Utilizing advanced 3D scanning and laser printing technologies, Suarez collaborated with professionals in Indianapolis, Boston, and Atlanta to resurrect and restore molds, ensuring the historical fidelity of the original Chavez bronze bust.

Limited Editions Available: With the bust for the White House Museum now being cast in Atlanta, a limited edition of fewer than the original 25 is available for acquisition, offering institutions and collectors a chance to own a piece of American history.

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Inquiries and Acquisitions: For more details on the project or to interview the artist, contact Paul Suarez at StudioSuarez.com, by phone at 423.444.5956, or by email at Paul@StudioSuarez.com.

The Chavez bronze bust's entry into the White House Oval Office in 2021 created a media rush. Its blend of art, history, and technology underscores a unique narrative that is expected to attract significant attention as the opening of the new White House museum approaches this September 2024. Photos are available on request.

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