New Bestseller Guides the Reader in How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle

Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle, penned by multiple authors is now a #1 bestseller on

LONG BEACH, Calif. - Feb. 21, 2018 - s4story -- The latest Bestselling Book - Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle is a wonderful collection of stories by experienced authors specifically conceived and designed to give readers as wide a range of unique perspectives on living a healthy vibrant lifestyle as possible.

This book is a practical and effective workbook about how to become healthy, creating harmony with your body and mind, from thought leaders in their individual fields from around the globe.

Authors have offered unique perspective on how to achieve goals. The book provides a comprehensive insight not just to attain but also to maintain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

In Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle - there is something for everyone, from healthy eating to physical training, from mental health to financial health in retirement.

One of the book's readers - Samantha says, "The stories in this book are amazing! An entire book filled with authors from all over that are experts in their field giving a wide range of perspectives and firsthand accounts of how to life a healthy life. There is something inside this book for everyone and I found myself relating to many of the personal stories."

She adds further - "This book should be owned by everyone looking to improve their lives and health."

People need to heal naturally and spiritually, theWake Up book is very different than any other personal improvement books, as it is neither too theoretical, nor too complicated, or difficult to implement. It shows simple and practical tips for improvement. This could be part of anybody's health and wellness plan.

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This book will show its readers how to add value to their journey, no matter where they are in life.

Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyleis available at – here's the link –

About Authors

Whatever we focus on and put some genuine effort towards, it becomes our reality. Our thoughts and emotions are like magnets, they never fail to bring us more of what we think about. All that's needed is a bit guidance in the correct direction, so here is the New Bestselling Book,Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle [2018]

Each author, at the end of his or her story, has a personal biography with contact information. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to reach out to any author of your choice for further information and personal coaching.

All the authors believe that - Life is an excellent opportunity and YOU can create the life you truly deserve.

Authors of "Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle" [2018] are -

Steven E. Schmitt – Book Coach, aka The Bestseller Guru, Speaker and Author

Patrick K. Porter – Inventor, Speaker, CEO - BrainTap Tech

Tonijean Kulpinski - Board Certified Drugless Practitoner- Certified, Organic, Whole food expert, Wholeistic Educator, Author and Public Speaker

Nhu Nguyen – Author, Certified Therapist , Qigong Trainer,Vice President of Back To Nature Nonprofit organization

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Tom Penland –CEO, Founder - Greenline Associates, Retirement Designer

Eric Guttmann - Active Duty Naval Officer, Author, Coach, and Researcher on Youthing and Rejuvenation

Keri Fulmore - Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Health Solutions, Speaker, Author, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Jon Haas - The Warrior Coach -Warrior Fitness Training Systems

Jason Christoff- President Physical Limits Fitness

Perris Turner Sr - Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author

Robby Besner - CEO and Device Developer, Therasage - "World's Premier InfraRed Products"

Cameron Cushing - Transformational Coach

Paul Leendertse – Author, Founder at Wheel Of Life

CoCo Luo - Health, Wealth & Wellness Coach at Self-Employed, Certified Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer at Self-Employed

Ed Strachar – Author, Creator of Healing Genius,Performance Coach/Mental Training, Elec.Engineer

Avril Richer - Soul Healer

Rick Glade - Father, Author, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Mentor to those whom seek

Frederick Entenmann - Mind Body Life Coach & Consultant

Jimmy Gleason – Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Chris Kirckof - Physical Preparation, Health and Wellness Coach, Author, Truth seeker and Activist

Ron Ario - Author at Journey To Awakening

Kristy Ware - Strength Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Core Rehab Specialist, Speaker and Author

Matt Clark - Author, Traveler

Dr. Shan Hussain - Author, Coach, Wellness Advisor and Founder of The Health Studio Ltd.

Kimberly Crigger - Empowerment Mentor, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Female Advocate

Wim Hof - Motivational Speaker, Coach, Teacher, Athlete, Writer, Painter, Father, Human Being

Kelly Fisher - Owner at Global Stretch, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, creator of "Anxiety Solution" on-line training program

Steve Olson - CFE, Author, President - Olson & Associates

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