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Alcohol Fiend to Sobriety Queen. How to live a life of sobriety.

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Connie McMillian: Alcohol Fiend to Sobriety Queen

Newark, NJ December 13, 2018 – Author Connie McMillian has written a book with hopes of  inspiring others to live a life free of Alcohol!

There are many people who have demons they battle on a daily basis. Some fights are easily won, others are not. Connie McMillan found herself battling addiction and was determined to win the fight. She has rightfully taken her place on throne as the queen of Her Sobriety and has remained queen for 10 years!

Since her remarkable recovery, she has dedicated her life to helping women regain their crowns and their rightful place as queen of their own sobriety. She now mentors' women who are now on their sobriety journey and are looking for guidance in rebuilding their mindset, discovering their life's purpose and gaining self-awareness. Her new life's mission is to help 100,000  women destroy generational curses of alcohol abuse, use and dependency to live a life of purpose on purpose to win in life Sober. She is also the creator of a line of non alcoholic drinks that allows those on their new found journey, to have fun without alcohol.

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Her book entitled "Alcohol Fiend to Sobriety Queen is a testimony to what can happen when you make the decision to live your life sober. Her story is both inspirational and is a true testimony of not knowing your own strength until your strength is all you have. Within this book are 25 tips that can help those who are also battling addiction, learn to take the steps down the path to a new life. "Alcohol Fiend to Sobriety Queen" can be order online at for $20.19!


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